The wildest Floki ever

Floki, a token that everyone on The Open Network can own and trust

This is not like every Floki that turns up on your blockchain and vanishes with your liquidity. This Floki is here to build utility on The Open Network and create sustainable value for its holders  —  starting with you!


Expected features.

Reduction in operating costs for the whole project to generate liquidity.

Play to Earn






DALL·E 2024-03-18 17.00.44 - A 3D chess piece shaped like a Shiba Inu dog, colored in cyan-blue (#1AAFFF). The Shiba Inu is wearing a Viking helmet, set in a simple background to

Phase One

– Concept design
– Roadmap
– Whitepaper
– Website
– Social Media Channels
– Community building
– Marketing Strategy

Phase Two

– Presale
– Dedust Dex launch
– Burn 100% LP
– Dedust Verification
– CG & CMC Application
– 1000 Holders
– TON Keeper Verification
– First Burn Party
– Community Contests
– Geckoterminal Verification
DALL·E 2024-03-18 16.54.23 - A 3D rendering of a plain, simple coin with a smooth surface and no engravings or designs depicted on it. The color of the coin should be #1AAFFF, a s
DALL·E 2024-03-18 16.52.30 - A 3D megaphone in a sleek and modern design, predominantly colored with hex code #1AAFFF. The megaphone should have a futuristic and polished appearan

Phase Three

– Regional Marketing campaigns
– YouTubers Marketing Campaigns
– PR Release
– Partnerships Announcement
– Multichain Bridge
– Fiat On ramp integration
– First Donation to underprivileged Children
– First Cex listing
– Continues development and marketing


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Periodic Burns
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Centralized Exchange
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Team & Development
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Buy & Sell Tax
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A SafemoonTon Launchpad Incubation Project
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